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So many goodies!

It’s been almost four months since my laptop took its final breath here in China, but I now officially have technology in my apartment again! Shawn’s parents, my site mate, arrived last night after about a full days worth of traveling from Pittsburgh and with them they brought many goodies!

Since my computer broke my brother has been an angel with helping me figure out the best option. While at home it’s super easy to just buy a computer, tablet, or phone. I learned it definitely takes much more effort when in China. My first concern was making sure that I have a legitimate product. Their are so many fake stores out there trying to sell you what they claim to be the real deal, but really aren’t. The second problem was that if I bought a product, for example, samsung, I probably wouldn’t be able to get the google play store. I also obviously had to take in prices and what I wanted it to do.

I was talking with Shawn one day in early March and happened to ask him if he knew anyone coming to China soon and well it turned out his parents were. My lovely mother had an iPad that she seldom uses and offered to give it to me. So in a box it went with some other things to Shawn’s mom in Pittsburgh and in a suit case it traveled all the way to China!

Today I am the proud new owner of an iPad, some new yoga pants, tank tops, an apron, razor blades, headbands, socks, vanilla extract, baking soda, and chocolate chips!!

It’s like Christmas morning up in here!!!

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